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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Damn those shorts are yellow. Please no helmet remarks. Going 5mph. I run faster.

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2883 days ago

Damn those shorts are yellow. Please no helmet remarks. Going 5mph. I run faster.


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RCHutchinson 2832 days ago

Luv the yellow shorts...

James_Rai 2877 days ago

Love the race jersey, maybe black shorts with a yellow stripe?
I'll have to order one from the Livestrong site...

Wish my legs looked like that! chick sticks :O(

laughwithme 2878 days ago

Laughing, They are yellow but I must say you do yellow very damn well.

surferdude808 2879 days ago

Hey Lance! When you have time, you should stop by Maui and I can meet you there (im on Oah'u). I would love to ride up Haleakala with you! Try to come when ur about 60 so I might have a sporting chance in keeping up! lol

PerryChance 2880 days ago

Look at those quads! And here I was worried you may have lost some muscle mass during retirement that might hinder your time trialing. You da man.

mbrouw 2880 days ago

No excuses ... put your helmet on!

damonsalter 2881 days ago

Let's keep that cadence up a little more on those climbs Lance. Good work!

stournaras 2881 days ago

The yellow bib it's very PRO...

CathyGo 2881 days ago

Yes VERY yellow. LOL I will have to have my parents send me race updates while I'm at Army basic training. Going to be an exciting year for Astana and American cycling! And what rider hasn't had to get some fresh air to avoid overheating? :)

dogisrain 2881 days ago

Now I have a reason to watch the next Tour. Watch out for the Mongoose!

robcheckp 2881 days ago

I gotta know... if you're out of the saddle and only doing 5 mph, what % grade was that? Best of luck this year. You look very focused.

onmybike 2881 days ago

looking good! cant wait to see what 2009 offers. Where can we get the yellow shorts your sporting?? Cant see on the LS site :(

simon_crisp 2882 days ago

Loving the LiveStrong kits...will certainly be ordering some up, maybe a few spares too seeing as it's such a fantastic cause! Will the Astana kit for '09 have any LiveStrong livery on?

rickroof 2882 days ago

Just don't let them see this photo at VeloNews. They will post it and everyone will freak out that you are not wearing the lid! A federal case was made about the old dude they posted with no helmet. Come on people!
Thanks for the updates Lance.

scottmaiwald 2882 days ago

What an incredibly gorgeous/warm place to ride. Got clear up to 35 degrees here in Denver!

_Helena 2882 days ago

Thanks for your cheerful commentary through the year. Great value for anyone interested in sport, family life. Warm regards, Best of life in 2009

rcrobins 2883 days ago

Is it just me or do you need a haircut?

velobabe 2883 days ago

The yellow is hidden in all the side shots you've been posting. Too funny to be smacked with it here. Looks like some beautiful riding!

chiefmd12 2883 days ago

thats the classic..."i just removed the helmet and it caused a faux-hawk"

TeamTwinkie 2883 days ago

is that a fo-hawk you're sporting?