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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

What's with all this Ironman business... I'm ready. Actually I'm not. Toughest competitors around..

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2669 days ago

What's with all this Ironman business... I'm ready. Actually I'm not. Toughest competitors around..


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rica620 2315 days ago

Why/how/WTF is the helmet on backwards?

Airscotty 2562 days ago

Do an ironman some day?? Great craic!

kenofero 2562 days ago

jaaaaaaaaaªª SUERTE LANCE

Torezen 2626 days ago


markjameshughes 2630 days ago

Once a triathlete always a triathlete!

CyclinLibrarian 2630 days ago

looks like something we'd see on RAGBRAI Lance....oh boy you've been around us crazies too long :)

rbailey60 2648 days ago

Ummm, well, it's sexy. (were you drinking by the way?)

kprater13 2653 days ago

Too funny. I saw a guy heading back into transition as I was headed out to the turn around in my first tri. He looked eerily like that. In the aero bars, helmet backwards and no top on. But he didn't look that good.

MikeRod99 2664 days ago

Funniest thing Ive ever seen

lucatrail 2667 days ago

Next year, you can make triathlon for Virtus triathlon italian team... Sorry for my english... Hi Lance

mduchesn 2667 days ago

Lance, 100 buck you won't ride like that at the Tour's TT ;-)

micksteraus 2668 days ago

Go for it in OZ. Will keep u n prayer. Have a K'bab with the works - tons of hummus and white sauce, when your done. Nothing like a good K'bab... Enjoy the ride and know you will work the team hard...

vandave 2669 days ago

It would be great to see Lance do Ironman Canada prior to Kona (selfish reasons), should he make this his next goal. Although I hope he doesn't get ahead of himself considering he has one hell of a ride coming up soon. Best of luck!

jeffrwebb 2669 days ago

Love the tri-geek dis, knees especially. Isn't that you in the mid 80s;)?

sashamokatia 2669 days ago

As I watched the triathlon in Kona last year, I couldn't help but think about watching you participate. It is a grueling event but one I have no doubt you would conquer with ease and a smile.

nancytoby 2669 days ago

C'mon. Admit it. You want to do an Ironman in Kona and beat Jaja's time. You can say it. It's easy....

amandamtodd 2669 days ago

I hope you are wearing sunscreen!

velobabe 2669 days ago

niiiice, touche!

cactustri 2669 days ago

IM is a blast. Much better than a little bike ride.
Lovin the pics!

TeamTwinkie 2669 days ago

dreams are goals with deadlines. go for it in 2010.