Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

And guess who was waiting at the bottom?

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2584 days ago

And guess who was waiting at the bottom?


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bikeboil 2500 days ago

Queen K. HWY. Get it Mellow J!!!

abughat 2580 days ago

agreed with

stephanieswitch 2580 days ago

this is by far the best picture i've ever seen. the road's a blur. its just you and the bike. i'm inspired

trek7300 2583 days ago

Nice series of shots...the big island has so many micro climates!

chadsmith71 2583 days ago

that chris carmichael seems like a hard-ass :) he just needs a whistle and some tight BIKE shorts (the brand BIKE) ala elementary gym coaches. love the fact that he moans and groans about having to do rides on the trainer.

paul_stew 2583 days ago

Awesome pics, how fast was that decent?

sweide 2583 days ago

No roller-bar mounted on the rear of the scooter? How close to it do you aim to ride for maximum draft?

MrJumbo 2583 days ago

Pro cyclists do a lot of riding around scooters and the microcars that carry bikes and crew. Is there any move toward switching to electric scooters and support vehicles? You guys are breathing hard and deep, and I bet you'd like as little exhaust in your

toughgirl11 2584 days ago

do ya ever just want to knock him off that scooter?! lol

BikePure 2584 days ago

I see Chris has a smaller bike! I guess you are quicker. anti-doping

kikila 2584 days ago

cool pic