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Hmm HR?

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2122 days ago

Hmm HR?


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LunchMenuShop 2096 days ago

I meant to say triggers... oh boy

LunchMenuShop 2096 days ago

That is hilarious, and I love the tag... What does Dr. Phil say something like... this diggers all my sensibilities yada yada yada...

RemysEgo2Bg 2110 days ago

...quick-tempered criminals. Put that in a memo and then I'll get peeved; until then, pass the chicken please, my brotha.

RemysEgo2Bg 2110 days ago

Stereotypes are only offensive if they're OFFENSIVE! So black people eat fried chicken and collard greens. Point being? I'm more concerned about the ones that say we're lazy, alcoholic, unemployed, welfare receivin, baby mama beatin, drug dealin, quick-te

Otto42 2116 days ago

Hey, anybody that doesn't like fried chicken and collard greens is an idiot. Just sayin'.

Twizatch 2116 days ago

Seems like the only people that have a problem with this are apologetic white people. I honestly think racism would barely exist (for the majority) if we eliminated white guilt and STOPPED MAKING ISSUES OUT OF NOTHING.

femmefm 2118 days ago

I don't get it, does it mean historically only blacks ate fried chicken? and the crackers stole their recipes? That's standard menu in the south with crawfish, fried shrimp and Sweet Tea.

AbsoluteVenus 2119 days ago

where is the iced tea or red kool need some sugar to cut through all that grease! i love my culture!

Musicplusink 2120 days ago

we as people create out own problems, life can be simple or complicated based only on our actions. tasty food is all i see and humor

chelledc1 2120 days ago

You people need to calm down. Did he take the complaint to HR or did everyone just lose their minds and hype it?

Jonny6767 2120 days ago

i wish every month was black history month. tasty history.

Shane_Best 2120 days ago

I actually see y this would offend. But then again they could have jus put on the menu we have xyz and leave out the black history month part. I guess they dnt see it the way we do.

questlove 2120 days ago

questlove's response

myletsfuck 2120 days ago

How is this racist? It's not racist. The NBC cook is black and fought for 7 years to get a black meal on the menu for black history month. No other race is ashamed of their foods but us as blacks seemed to be publicly ashamed of the food we like. Do you s

LanceTreble 2120 days ago

It's so racist its delicious lol

Amadii 2120 days ago

I work in Atlanta, GA and my employer does this once in a while, a long with super bowl menues, bar b que menus, southern menus..i do not really get what the Big deal is.

Amadii 2120 days ago

I really don't see anything wrong with this. I am African American and the only thing on here that I don't eat is Jalapeno. People need to relax, we have bigger "fish to fry".

sukitfrenchie 2121 days ago

WHITE RICE!!? In February, someone has the AUDACITY to serve WHITE rice; with the black eyed peas, no doubt. THAT is racist. Our four-fathers did not stand in lines to get spit on, punched, pushed, and maliciously attacked for no white man to serve us the

MimsyYamaguchi 2121 days ago

Only $7.50? That's a deal.

martinamelia 2121 days ago

I don't usually call my grandma racist for cooking me soda bread on Saint Patrick's Day.