Emma Kennedy


writer, actor, idiot

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1671 days ago


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dvfrancis 1671 days ago

You could turn me straight with those you know!

lemon_jelly 1671 days ago

i hear she's nipples like a scanias wheel nuts

marmiteboy 1671 days ago

oo er. Thanks for making me laugh this afternoon :)

scooter42 1671 days ago

Lol :-)
(Why are your 'boing's backwards?!?)

MyMuses 1671 days ago

Well done, couldn't help myself had to look. They are lovely. Now go out there and save a few more moonwalker.

BelfastMurf 1671 days ago

LOL! I thought it'd be the feathered kind! Hope you haven't set a precedent there, don't want to see MPs threatening to get their kit off for followers!

lazyfoodielady 1671 days ago

PS speaking of racks, I like your wine version too :)

Barnfee 1671 days ago

Great action shot!

RoddyJenkins 1671 days ago

Very fetching!!!

lazyfoodielady 1671 days ago

May I recommend Freya for decent brassieres? If they're boinging at your desk you need to strap them in for the run missus!

MatTheHat 1671 days ago


TheWillT 1671 days ago

Nice rack ...of wine bottles!

EssBen 1671 days ago

it's okay, that may still be "usable" material, will tweet later!

Hey, it's been a quiet month for me >.

bionic56 1671 days ago

seriously pretty lady even on a rainy horrible day

iJack72 1671 days ago

They're a little uneven! lol.

Joshb89 1671 days ago

haha loves it :) xx

THE1BILLYSHEARS 1671 days ago

Absolutly bloody brilliant. lol lol.

dave_giz 1671 days ago

It's been a while for me so I'll still print it off and save it for later, beggars can't be choosers.

SpoiltVictorian 1671 days ago