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G' Day and Kia-Ora! I live in a cookie box house with Lucy,@Gilbertteddy,@ArthurConanbear,@Sherlockteddy and other furry pals.My motto is: Make someone happy.

This is the dinner in Athletes village #teddyolympics

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2366 days ago

This is the dinner in Athletes village #teddyolympics


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Spencerteddy 2228 days ago

Happy birthday! hugs

Oatuling 2315 days ago

Hi Spencer I don't know how I ever missed the posting of this wonderful picture. Must have been busy watching the Olympics!! It's GREAT Yummmm

Spencerteddy 2315 days ago

Hello everybody! #puppypawty

Spencerteddy 2334 days ago

I am Yoda the teddy knight. hehe #scifipawty Here is your Women's Day present!

Spencerteddy 2338 days ago

Here is your chocolates!

PepiSmartDog 2344 days ago

*drooling...drooling...drooling* They are BEAUTIFUL !!! Sorry I drooled all over them !! I'll have to eat them ALL now !! We can eat chocolates OTRB !!! YUMMMM !!

Spencerteddy 2344 days ago

It is horrible.. Poor Pepi! I hope, this pic will cheer you up:

Spencerteddy 2344 days ago

Hunger? Here is your food!

purplebear 2357 days ago

oooh Yummm :) Athletes village #teddyolympics

EmmytheCat 2357 days ago

OMC, now this is what Steffie and Boris Bear call dinner! #teddyolympics

TheRealStinky 2357 days ago

Nom, nom, noms!

Spencerteddy 2357 days ago

Everybody! Welcome cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #teddyolympics

Spencerteddy 2362 days ago

Hello hello hugs hugs. This is your dinner. hehe

bijntje 2365 days ago

That is realy yummie. Hope they have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Kolo_Martin 2365 days ago

Aggggg I can't wati to get to athletes village!

mattiedog 2365 days ago

Oh, I'm gonna lub Afletes Billage food!!! Nummie!

Spencerteddy 2365 days ago

Happy #FuzzyFriday too!!!!!!!!!

Spencerteddy 2365 days ago

I am in Athletes village #teddyolympics. This is the last dinner. LOL

Spencerteddy 2366 days ago

This is the dinner in Athletes village #teddyolympics

mrrustymonkey 2366 days ago

Oh boy! I want to print off a poster size version of this for the wall in my room!!!!