Kelly Clarkson


I am Kelly.

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rock_chick_93 2506 days ago

hahaha! digg the crossed eyes one! xD...have anyone told u that u and allison iraheta kinda look alike?!

tal0424 2512 days ago

hahaha nicee love it

indiesoares 2520 days ago

you rock, and how rock!

shaibaby5 2527 days ago

awesome pic

MariR12 2549 days ago

, u look funny going cross eyed lol

JacobLA2 2569 days ago

Way complete picture, totally cool picture :)

jess_tatertot 2571 days ago

wen'd ya die ur hair red it u look lik Alison I.
(from american idol duhhh)

Janylein0210 2571 days ago

lol... crazy..

Debor4hGuedes 2577 days ago

loucas XD

jashley_98 2584 days ago

the newest you!but the attitude is still the same so that is why i like you.i'm only 4 years old when i first saw you at american idol and now i'm 12,i can still say that you didn't change!go girl!(pumpkin pie is also my favorite!

tasha_ford_94 2587 days ago

aww i love u kelly ur so down to earth and amazing!! xx wen im older if i turn out an 8th as pretty and awesome as u ill b reli happy!! xx

jashley_98 2588 days ago

I didn't recognize you!but you look awesome on this pic!

theFABWay 2588 days ago


Smashley327 2593 days ago

aahhhahaha... this looks like something went from funny to weird!

BehNdHaZLis 2593 days ago

These are the best - LOL! Looks like u guys were able to get to take a break and some some fun! Gud times!

shannonk68 2594 days ago

LOL @ your face in the lower right corner pic like wtf?

0o0Amanda0o0 2594 days ago


DallasFTWPR 2600 days ago

the bottom one is so me just about whenever someone takes a picture - lol. I am like REALLY?! Do I just sit and do that??? LOL Very cool!

NienkeVanVondel 2600 days ago


JellyBVB 2600 days ago

Funny!!! (-; (-; (-;