Nick Groff


Executive Producer and Co-host Investigator for Travel Channel's Series, Ghost Adventures...Friday's at 9pm. I also Co-Founded GAC(Ghost Adventures Crew)

Good day so far. Getting stuff done, running errands.

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2277 days ago

Good day so far. Getting stuff done, running errands.


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khwanrat14 2241 days ago

hahaha nick happy

purebloodfanpir 2248 days ago

lookin good nick

Karen_Maestas 2252 days ago

I am really happy that you are using twitter now. Good pic by the way.

cafekatii 2253 days ago

you are the reason why I have a thing for guys named Nick. good job increasing my standards by a million ;)

linesd8 2269 days ago

My Favorite Guy Ever...

MWKvanessa 2274 days ago

haha i love the shades! :)

Kenderlicious 2275 days ago

You're my favorite:)

ilovenickgroff 2275 days ago

OK i don't know if my post got deleted but looking good Nick, hope you have a good one.

jojo880 2276 days ago

hey there! thats so awesome ur on twitter...finally! lol jk

Danibec34 2276 days ago

Ditto glad to see you on here

ZaksVampireGirl 2276 days ago

Good grief Nick, I think Aaron and Zak finally rubbed off on ya. LOL now your posting pics of yourself on here. Glad ya got a twitter though. :o}

KweenKim 2276 days ago Zak and Aaron rubbing off on ya? Just don't be sticking ur finger up ur Aaron likes doing that :)

CeciVR 2276 days ago

GAH!! Your so adorable Nick! I love your smile... :)

jacierenee 2276 days ago

Nick. I am friggin' stoked you got Twitter. and I love this picture.

SweetoftheSouth 2276 days ago

Glad you're on twitter Nick!

morganxxbeauty 2276 days ago

haha cool sunglasses nick! just wondering...what kind of car do you have?

niccigarvito 2277 days ago

you look!

LuciferRisin666 2277 days ago

great pic!!

jszalaj 2277 days ago

Nick, good to see the pic! Have a great day!

GAC_Rox27 2277 days ago

yay his first pic and he's looking adorable as ever lol luv ya nick