Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

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When this bike thing quits working out I'm gonna buy this dude's business.

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1672 days ago

When this bike thing quits working out I'm gonna buy this dude's business.


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dpurvis913 1647 days ago

Awesome guess you never know who's watching.

thompsondavids 1670 days ago

Thanks Radio Shack but we found a new sponsor.

ShawnMon 1670 days ago

ahhh yeah! ur gonna need hose... street tire fire... youre gonna burn.. race.. fast.. you can hall butts around, uh... France needs fire.. uhm,... yeah (enter witty one-liner here please)

VeloNutts 1671 days ago

Always keep your options open :]

LulzyHatrack 1671 days ago

Does that come in an aero version?

dainosor 1671 days ago

haha nice

Easty1981 1671 days ago

Good luck with that. If you do can i have your bike?

ste960 1671 days ago

LANCE tu vas leur mettre le Feu dans le Tourmalet !!!!!!!!

jason_g 1671 days ago

i'd like to help test drive!

mtn_mann 1671 days ago

There will be plenty of Fire Trucks to repair once you light up the asphalt in France come July. Hey-O

smthcriminal 1671 days ago

haha good one! wonder if he follows you on twitter? how's that for promotion.

tzsports 1671 days ago

buy mine (running & swimming store):-)

thompsonslc 1671 days ago

So when u buy the business hopefully it will be named. Lance...The man that cured cancer's FIRE TRUCK REPAIR . We love you Lance. Keep up the good work.

atomXX 1671 days ago

Are your dude'sbusiness really?

alejandrolauva 1671 days ago

What model Trek will you pull it with?

dutchman59 1671 days ago

That business will be long gone by the time you are ready for something other than bicycles, LOL.

LarrySalzman 1671 days ago

Ask him if you can try the trailer out for some motor pacing workouts.........

SBizza 1671 days ago

No need to re sign : )

sjstill 1671 days ago

It appears to be made just for you.

carlacrawley 1671 days ago

Perfect even the right name. Love it!