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these dudes

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2430 days ago

these dudes


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robynrox14 2110 days ago

if you kinda squint... then close your left eye, then close your right eye... it looks kinda cute!

paolaah_ 2171 days ago


edfromhell 2266 days ago

aw *-*

AvalonAwesome 2430 days ago

Looks a wee bit like my dog . I don't know if that's a good thing !

urbanskylight 2430 days ago

groundhogs live only for five years

Creekermom 2430 days ago

6 more weeks.... :( although I heard the GA Groundhog said Spring would arrive early for the Southern states.. wondering if KY is considered far enough south to get an early spring? ;)

ashleyophoto 2430 days ago

Did he see his shadow or no? Haha

IFuckPirates 2430 days ago

IWANTONE! of the fluffy things... not the old fat guy.

annagirl816 2430 days ago