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Happy Groundhog Day 2010 =D

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1694 days ago

Happy Groundhog Day 2010 =D


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ShadowMaster999 1372 days ago

oh sure, J6 wore his armor during this screenshot, he didn't even where the helm

AngelicFuryAE 1693 days ago

Is Beleen's digging a hole? That's AWESOME!!! :D

Robot_Tweets 1694 days ago

I love these items. =3

DiablezzoAE 1694 days ago

I believe they are.

ZyrainVX 1694 days ago

Are all the Pets, the same Pet? O_o

BigSky900 1694 days ago

Happy ground Horks day :)
Thanks AE

KarpousiAE 1694 days ago

And a merry christmas to you too!

kdawg3000 1694 days ago

we get this at noon right?

Sam_Wicks 1694 days ago

Creepy hats ._. but

Kricharo 1694 days ago

fair enough, seasonal rares dont bother me, aslong as it looks cool!

DiablezzoAE 1694 days ago

I like the helm.

YenielAQW 1694 days ago

Dragon, Cy said they will be available for the whole day.

Dragon_Arcleu 1694 days ago

Seasonal rares, They will probably return every groundhog day. Only avail' for a hour I think :D

YenielAQW 1694 days ago

Is it released?

Kricharo 1694 days ago

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I luvs those faces to pee-sez!!!! (idk why i talkz like dis 2-day) ARe they gona go rare?

Leaferson 1694 days ago

1. Those groundhog head gear scares me o_o 2. Awesome pets =D

AlanzaDemonica 1694 days ago

Interesting. o.o

Dragon_Arcleu 1694 days ago

Lol Nice, J6 failed to be one though =O

Avgg_AQW 1694 days ago

:O Groundhog faces, I am VERY excited nao!