Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!


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2844 days ago



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dogisrain 2841 days ago

Say hi to Cory for me. It's been a while.

arigoldstein 2844 days ago

You look great! I am so excited about your next race.

paolo_valente 2844 days ago

Great Pic Lance, we are all waiting for you in Italy for the Giro

LouiseRyan 2844 days ago

Looking fantastic Lance.

davidkaram 2844 days ago

Jesus Lance! 90+ Kaloko... u should be tested for something! My last day in Kona is gonna be a kick up Kaloko on Sat morn then back to Cape Cod (winter surfing & work). I'might see you out there tomorrow unless it's a rest day. You deserve it! good luck (

MattMeloeny 2844 days ago

Good luck @ TDU Lance. You're the man!

PatChatfield 2844 days ago

Nice pic. Any chance of wearing LS Challenge gear during training ...?

RogueBandle 2844 days ago

Let's show those guys in Australia how it's done, huh Lance!

wklj 2844 days ago

You'd think with that nice 1D Mark III you could use that instead of a cell phone camera :-)

theswordsman 2844 days ago

Liz is an awesome photographer, but she's also in the photo. Tripod & timer or another human being?

jerry_kelly 2844 days ago

Have fun in Hawaii

kbawlz 2844 days ago

Nice picture! Wish I was out running somewhere tropical rather than in snowy NH...

sairbear 2844 days ago

Lance, is your helmet still on cause you didn't want to be photographed with helmet hair? Cant wait to see you race down under in a few weeks :)

princesshungry 2844 days ago

photographer is Liz Kreutz of Kreutz photography: She's AWESOME!

theswordsman 2844 days ago

Anna's the photographer maybe?

spelcher 2844 days ago

GREAT PIC...dang Lance, you look fantastic! check out the muscles....solid like a rock!

tulipgirltje 2844 days ago

you're more than welcome to post more pics

deveryandrews 2844 days ago

Test good.

erikvanname 2844 days ago

Looks like more awesome pics are on their way...

dingledoink 2844 days ago

You passed.