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We won again! Ouch,

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1912 days ago

We won again! Ouch,


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ColleenDoughrty 1898 days ago

taxes on the bed ready to mail......ruined.

Guess that was twitpics way of cutting me off...

ColleenDoughrty 1898 days ago

I love the gal in front who is shielding herself from the camera...can't be caught at the match?

Love to see Sophie doing so well, you all are great parents. My kids left the sink on upstairs yesterday and flooded our guest room. Oh, and I had my tax

_Amanda_Garcia 1909 days ago

Congratulations to Sophie. =)You and Gene a good parents.

ChristinaR38 1912 days ago

LOL awesome!! Love the picture plus I just love you guys!

SONOFSIMMONS 1912 days ago

should have reported the long hair causing u trouble.

shameless8 1912 days ago

Congrats Sofie!! You two a such good parents :)

FatherWizard 1912 days ago

You kids and your adorableness. Congrats to Sophie.

ChrissyLoco 1912 days ago

yay congrats to sophie! u know this girl is thinking please don't let me be in your pic..did Gene 4get u rule in kickboxing?

DonnaGlaser 1912 days ago

Caught in the Demon Crusher Hold! OUCH!

_CookieIsHere 1912 days ago

Congratulations:), which pretty you and Gene. But Where is Nicholas? 8-)

kalidascopeyes 1912 days ago

Um.. Genie!! Seriously.. you don't want to PISS her off! You KNOW she used to butcher chickens... YAAAAAAYYYYY SOPHIE!!!! xoxoxxo

mrskris432 1912 days ago

thats awesome....Gene behave or Shannon will kick yer butt!

Gabbylicious7 1912 days ago

totally love to see my god of rock and his gorgeous wife like normal people, like us, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH

JohnMJ31 1912 days ago

Congrats, keep up the good work. I can't believe Gene is right there, If I was there I would've cry just by sitting close to you guys!!!

cindycali 1912 days ago

Awesome!!! What on earth is Gene doing to you???? Love Gene Simmons Family Jewels!!! So looking forward to this seasons episodes!!!

HannahMatthau 1912 days ago

yay! just gonna keep winning again! :p