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Did this fast.  ValDay Shop pet idea, cupid Moglin.

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2501 days ago

Did this fast. ValDay Shop pet idea, cupid Moglin.


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SoraToHoshi 2483 days ago

its just a simple manipulation of the Gold Moglin, I colored it and then added the bow in photoshop.

Alan685 2483 days ago

How u made this? o_O

ShadowLord101 2492 days ago

i would buy this :P

Dusknoir93 2500 days ago

I'll buy it from ya :O

SoraToHoshi 2500 days ago

Wow I fail! Below is me just wrong account XD Im glad you guys like it.

YamiKakyuu 2500 days ago

ah replied with wrong account but Im glad you like it!

YamiKakyuu 2500 days ago


YamiKakyuu 2500 days ago

I did post it to the forum.

Sammicolon 2500 days ago

Love it! Hope it's getting released. :)

VampireMax 2501 days ago

Nice! I would definatly like one of those! Did u put it on the forums?