i pick up dog shit all day long, but at night i rock-n-roll.

Disney should sue

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2548 days ago

Disney should sue


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SaniLovesFame 1922 days ago

whaaaat iiiuuuurgh xD unbelievable haha. what strange "typical german" food you have else ? xD

LoveFleshTunnel 1922 days ago

i'm german too and i never saw this in my life xDDD

juanitad863 2207 days ago

And the same photo without clothing:

Kotonatte 2228 days ago

what the...? I´m German and i never see this cookies in my life! xD

ThisIsFranny 2233 days ago

merry christmas xDD

LeslieRuiz_ 2240 days ago

yes they need to, i see the hidden mickey it would make the kids thinks it's disney

MCR_erin 2247 days ago

hey hey hey what the hell is wrong with bi people

WorldOfWhitty 2288 days ago

That took me like 3 minutes to get! XD

micabrada 2346 days ago

You know? I think I've seen these things in Argentina

JengaBitch 2362 days ago

hah! i see it. ... those cookies are good.

emilyann377 2366 days ago

they should!!

lonelyemoangel 2373 days ago

im confused if is being such an asshole and calling Frankie bi and shit then y is her icon of MCR ?

MyChemicalCrazi 2396 days ago

Whats your freaking problem dude? DONT HATE ON FRANKII-BEAR JUST CAUSE HE OWNS YOUR FACE :/

Darianwilbert 2402 days ago

, why are you on their Twitter if you're gonna be a fag? Take your hate somewhere else.

KattLuu 2419 days ago

Oh, and by the way, I LOVE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, so suck a dick, Kate135.

KattLuu 2419 days ago

Kate135, Change your name. You're putting shame to all the Kates in the world(*Ahem*, ME !)

CarmenAndujar 2430 days ago

xD Oh my.

trinny1903 2445 days ago

definatey this is a situation that cannot be let down lightly lol

YashiBanymadhub 2447 days ago

***** MCRmy

YashiBanymadhub 2447 days ago

pretty little bow and hang you from a 12 storey building before drawing and quartering you. I swear, these guys don't deserve to be treated like that. The entire universe needs to respect MCR for the millions of lives they have saved.