Cadel Evans


It's all in 'Close to Flying' - released 28/10/09 (Hardie-Grant).

It true-the American auto industry is downsizing!

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2403 days ago

It true-the American auto industry is downsizing!


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deLaatsteRonde 2397 days ago

Switzerland's own Stig feels the economic pinch

Wren2u 2402 days ago

Hehehe that is a good a bit of a tight fit with the top down.No doubt you can ride faster than it wouldn't make it up the mountains :-))))

black_scapin 2402 days ago

Thunderbirds are Go

jejensen 2403 days ago

Expect it's not American. It's British, I'm sure. Looks like a Morris/Mini cousin.

jcsk8 2403 days ago

Lol. Better 5 hours on saddle then 2 on this one!

leon_beaumont 2403 days ago

Ha! Is that for motto pacing, very cool.

mssternagel 2403 days ago

HaHa thats funny...just need Big Ears and its a noddy mobile!

hschnellinger 2403 days ago

real World Champs could drive everything ;-)

SERG1O_D 2403 days ago

Only a professional cyclist could fit in that car :)