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Writer for TV and stuff. Actor in things I write. Eater of many papayas. Lupus Warrior Princess. The Asian Whedon.

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1704 days ago


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FaLLeN_AnGeL189 1694 days ago

Thanks for sharing Mo. Amazing final ep, I cried my eyes out. Great photo but where is Enver?? Thanks again for an amazing show

seekmefindme 1697 days ago

I spent most of Epitaph 2 crying. Thanks so much for an amazing show, and a very satisfying finale.

niellemc 1698 days ago

awww Dollhouse and mmmm Tahmoh

Lost_But_Secure 1702 days ago

Tahmoh Penikett looks so very handsome without a bullet in his head....I miss you Dollhouse!!

CandyMaize 1702 days ago

TY for sharing this. You all did SUCH a great job. I'm really going to miss the show.

missemmamm 1702 days ago


RandomPenguin 1702 days ago

Great/sad finale! Thanks for sharing the pic :) Also, liked the actress who played Li'l Caroline.

danmgl 1703 days ago

Awesome #Dollhouse peeps! looks very tired, the little boy and mini-Caroline are having fun.

luverof_ 1703 days ago

what a great pic, but where is every1 else?

scutter 1703 days ago

Makes me happy that we got what we did from the show. Anxiously awaiting your next creation.

unlivedlife 1703 days ago

So sad its over! This was an amazing episode!

Heather_sn1fan 1704 days ago


kristensomeone 1704 days ago

It's going to be missed...

johnytyh 1704 days ago

Just amazing. Amazing work everyone.

thelongmorrow 1704 days ago

Thank you. Gonna miss the show.

elizawhat 1704 days ago

Thank you, all of you! You guys were amazing throughout the entire show!

kirirur 1704 days ago

Thank you all guys for your work!

awyder 1704 days ago

Bad ass!

takewhat 1704 days ago

Heh, I think you've found your look *g*

darkheartedrose 1704 days ago

This pic is full of win. Thanks for a great finale. =D