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My dad holding the new dog I adopted! His name was Moby, we kept it

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2500 days ago

My dad holding the new dog I adopted! His name was Moby, we kept it


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Nor_g 2487 days ago

hi dad, hi moby!

weefaerie 2489 days ago

ADORABLE!! yay for rescued piebald weenies!! i have one too!

loanjoan1 2491 days ago

Congratulations on the new pack member! Wonderful addition! They're BOTH good looking boys!

EsperantoBr 2491 days ago

You are igual your father, Denise!!!!

iamsydwilliams 2499 days ago

Aww* He is absolutely precious!! I am sure you and you're adorable family love him already! && Mountain_Media your opinion is neither required or desired, so take it else where!

mhwattsjr 2499 days ago

There's always one jerk in the crowd. You're a great mom,actress, an animal lover. I have two adopted dogs, they're great!!

bglad8 2500 days ago

Very cute! Welcome home Moby!!! Congrats to your new adopted dog! Have fun!

Teri_Ernest 2500 days ago

Awwww, I love it!

bohmsach 2500 days ago

Have a nice time with Moby :-)

shazabird 2500 days ago

How could you not keep him, he's so sweet. Your Dad looks handsome too!

charlotte0508 2500 days ago

cute, oh moby is too.

lisawhiteunger 2500 days ago

aww very cute, that's so nice of you to adopt him! :)

jonorth 2500 days ago

He is a sweety, your girls will love him, you do a gr8 job raising your girls on your own doing charity work and taking in homeless pets, God Bless You.

LisaYrt 2500 days ago

Ohhh he's a cutie Congrats!!!!!

LisaMarie0701 2500 days ago

OMG... pure cuteness. How's he getting along with your other fur babies??

kali4878 2500 days ago

Cute new addition. How many is that now? Do you think you could line them all up for a group photo. That shouldn't be too hard !!!!!

mactavish 2500 days ago

I'm a firm believer in letting dogs keep their names, and that one is awesome :)

JoviFan617 2500 days ago

Awwww...he is so cute! Dad too! LOL

Sveta_1990 2500 days ago

your whole family is wonderful and so lovely. wish i could be so happy as you guys are.... tweet back please?

sweetpea87_17 2500 days ago

don't listen to mountain_media, ur a good person for adopting this adorable dog!!! that person has no idea about ur life and what u do in it! enjoy ur new family member and i hope to c more pics! ! !