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Damn!! Look what @trek_ben just brought out to Rancho Pelota.

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2006 days ago

Damn!! Look what just brought out to Rancho Pelota.


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RedSpy1983 1977 days ago

thumbs up!

michelito 1987 days ago

That paint scheme is just... horrific :P
Bike looks ok though

JulesSelmerM6 1991 days ago

Lance, I would like to have you behind me on my BMW on this bike in the Rotterdam prologue

Heidigabriel 1991 days ago

What a great bike, and here I am on my old bike, I really hope it will take you to victory!! Have fun riding.

rapichat 1995 days ago

Well be Glad that Toyota does not make Bikes...

davesimcoe 1996 days ago

Now you better get to work on it. Time to recapture that TT form. You can do it!

ste960 1997 days ago


rshimizu 1998 days ago

Wow that's impressive

rshimizu 1998 days ago

Wow that's impressive

radiogurus 1998 days ago

I think it looks great..the only thing missing is me riding it..Ha
Don't bring that thing to Sacto

RyanGielow 1998 days ago

Looks like a high school graphic design student threw up on it.

priebiz 1999 days ago


JimmyG1969 2000 days ago

what a damned ugly bike - might be aero but looks like a collection of fenceposts glued together!

thompsondavids 2000 days ago

Wow, it has a lot of stickers on it, huh?

olivepub 2001 days ago


smthcriminal 2002 days ago


hiddencook 2002 days ago

looks just like mine lol

klepetar 2002 days ago

ssssoooooo-wwweeeeetttt ride!!!

jhkoning 2003 days ago

What's up with that seat?!?

cgos 2004 days ago

with some fancy wheels it'll look much better