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Took my dog out so he could take a dump & found this. FUCK YEA IT'S SIZZLER NIGHT

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2287 days ago

Took my dog out so he could take a dump & found this. FUCK YEA IT'S SIZZLER NIGHT


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FifiLaFleur 2279 days ago

now if only you could get your dog to crap those regularly....

FayeBurdzinski 2286 days ago

By the way, the best, best, best venue for finding cash is the golf course. Keep your eyes open. Be casual. I picked up two cash finds last time . . .

FayeBurdzinski 2286 days ago

One time my Golden Retriever found a $10 bill in a pizza box at the side of the road. He got the pizza.

danieldeath 2286 days ago


tedneville 2286 days ago

Oh, that's mine. I left it there so I could climb a tree to take a nap. Thanks for taking care of it for me. Give it back now.

edh002 2287 days ago

Sweeeeeeet!! could you lone me 20 bucks

E_chin 2287 days ago


HarryIrvine 2287 days ago


saailaway 2287 days ago

haha lucky bastard

ShawnClarkNYC 2287 days ago

No one jumped out, beat the crap out of you and took your cell/camera and the $20? Sweet!

RejectedSims 2287 days ago


Buddykins2001 2287 days ago

Be sure to check those self check-outs at Wal-Mart. Folks leave cash change all the time....

yusufsalman 2287 days ago

the actual bliss is, when you decide to wear a coat you haven't worn for months and find $50 in its pocket... that is what I experienced last year =)

hussywoman 2287 days ago

i found $700 in a bank envelope outside the mall a couple years ago. hells yeah i kept that shit.

ngiova 2287 days ago

Sizzler is what you think when you find a $20 spot? I found a fiver not long ago and it was Guinness time. Learn to Live Large!

mlanger 2287 days ago

I was driving down the road once and saw a $5 bill in the middle of the street. Back then it was worth $20. Does that count?

slowlyunfolding 2287 days ago

that's frigging sweet!

guedan 2287 days ago

Great !!! Now you can buy your own eastern europe country and fill it with motherfucking pterodactyls and smart pigs !!!!

_jorn 2287 days ago

It's only fair that the dog gets half. I'm just sayin'.

adamzak 2287 days ago

I was leaving a restaurant once and on my way out I looked over and there was $20 sitting on another empty table. Jackpot!