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@ehasselbeck, Snoop Dogg & me at The View

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2459 days ago

, Snoop Dogg & me at The View


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laulitah 2452 days ago

Snoop Dog is growing up. How wonderful.

khbanks 2457 days ago

I love Snoop. I want to get his new GSS.

ShaeThaGawd 2459 days ago

very cool!!!

AlyzabethM 2459 days ago

Love the hat!

AlyzabethM 2459 days ago

Love the hat!

raspberrybird 2459 days ago

It doesn't make any since for someone to be naturally SEXY. Snoop Dog All the way. Hip, hip, Hooray!!!!!!!!!!

raspberrybird 2459 days ago

Simply beautiful! OMG I am so very proud of Snoop! I pray others will follow his lead. Many prayers

jodyndave 2459 days ago

Sherri u look gr8 n this pic.

BOOGIEANDERSON 2459 days ago

saw this episode..this is when I started totally crushing on snoop

ShirlWMd 2459 days ago

y'all stop hatin on EH,geesh. This is a GREAT pic! Snappy dresser,Snoop Dog and everyone is all smiles!!

taylor_lover18 2459 days ago

luv ur hair

treatsbytisha 2459 days ago

that hat is tooooo cute, I need one like it!

ohchockiss 2459 days ago

nice pic!!!!

MissSagittarius 2459 days ago

Ms. look great and I'm so happy for you because I knew you would excel in your career....You kept me crackin up when you were on the "Jamie Foxx" show. Peace, Luv & Blessings!!

Chrystal54 2459 days ago

Luv the pic minus EH
, LOL, but I feel the same way - she's such a phony acting me-me-me wanna-be type individual.

BethWms 2459 days ago

Yeah! That was a gr8 interview. is a native of Magnolia,MS outside of McComb where were born

Mrs_Maynard 2459 days ago

Gotta get that hat for my little one! Where can I find it? Thanks : )

TarheelPhilly 2459 days ago

My smile just turned to a frown when I saw Elizabeth : (

NissouGates 2459 days ago

beautiful photo, you're so beautiful & snoop dog is handsome ♥