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Quick photo of Dean and I.

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1636 days ago

Quick photo of Dean and I.


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polymath115 1631 days ago

hey alex love you and the show dam bro your head is huge

IQXS 1634 days ago

Great shot you guys! Carry On Soldiers!

LotusHart 1634 days ago

Lol! What a cool-azz photo!

almullan 1635 days ago

Great to have a new means of keeping up with the truth now Our wonderful China style censorship in coming down on us "Down Under". Will keep you up to date on its effects Alex. Big Al.

ZoSoTRUTHTALK 1635 days ago

Alex, Been with ya since the start and with ya till the END Keep up the good fight!!! Great show yesterday

infotechsailor 1635 days ago

Mr jones got the Charlie sheen thing goin with the chesthair but it looks good alex! Glad to see you on twitter!

infowarrior5000 1636 days ago

You are a real inspiration, and a True American Hero Alex! Thank you for being who you are, and doing what you do Alex!

drdpgatten 1636 days ago

Appreciated hearing only documented info on your programing!

NNNyc 1636 days ago

Can't wait to see the new studio thats being built

Spacedude49 1636 days ago

God Bless You Alex and family

AmericanPatrol 1636 days ago


AmericanPatrol 1636 days ago

Great interview!

parravliss 1636 days ago

keep up the good work Alex!!

bobus2 1636 days ago

You rock alex

RhandiDarville 1636 days ago


Shaun_Rooker 1636 days ago

Dean is like i'm with Alex Jones haha.

Infowaror 1636 days ago

good job guys

Jay_Dyer 1636 days ago


qt2t21980 1636 days ago

Nice!! ;0)