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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

Wore snowshoes for the first time yesterday. The dog was impressed.

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2338 days ago

Wore snowshoes for the first time yesterday. The dog was impressed.


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PastryPrncss 1633 days ago

Where is your hat, young man?!? :)

NicoleBorheier 1633 days ago

These look so cool. Is it difficult to walk with them?

georgianalee 1634 days ago

I think Cabal is actually laughing. He's so happy he doesn't have to strap those things on his own paws.

teruterukama 1634 days ago

Those look a bit of a pain. My first try was on more modern ones and I loved it so much my dad bought me some the next winter.

BFFan 1634 days ago

Did you go through your twitpics and find this?? Dedicated.

ConfettiJessie 1634 days ago

I love your dog!

Dianae173 1634 days ago

Look Ma! Holy shoes! Clem Cadiddlehopper comes to mind. Nice. Thanks for the smile.

neilhimself 1634 days ago

The first time I wore snowshoes almost two years ago.

marcipiousslah 2227 days ago

great pic... =) smile neil smile!

MrBillyBones 2252 days ago

Thought you had stepped on a lacrosse stick for a second.

The_GreenWizard 2287 days ago

Thought you meant the dog was wearing the snowshoes - then I scrolled down to the bottom of the pic.

vonnie_bee 2295 days ago

Very smart to have a neon orange collar on a white dog in winter. Though the optical illusion of floating collar probably a bit odd.

weblizard 2298 days ago

Your dog matches my cockatoo! She has little orange-peachy feathers by her beak & under her otherwise white plumage...

JamesNDMN 2301 days ago

MN in the winter. After most of the snow has melted...

ISkellington 2331 days ago

Snowshoes are fun :)

foresthouse 2331 days ago

I think this is the coolest picture of you I have ever seen. Also it makes me want to try snowshoes.

lauriepink 2332 days ago

Fantastic. Dream snow...

heyincendiary 2334 days ago

Perhaps a pair for Cabal so he has less difficulty outside. Tiny ones. More like badminton racquets.

epichireme 2335 days ago

Wicker snow shoes? What, did those come with the house?

okelay 2335 days ago

wow,they really are like tennis rackets.I've never seen them before.