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Me as 1 of the Terracotta Warriors of Qin Shi Huang, First Emperor of China. (circa 210 BC)

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2368 days ago

Me as 1 of the Terracotta Warriors of Qin Shi Huang, First Emperor of China. (circa 210 BC)


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thorolok 1942 days ago

o yea i remember this

HSsai 2353 days ago

so thats y u made ur look like that i was like-why does he look so weard when he could have a cool combo of collors

AngelicFuryAE 2363 days ago

I knew you were a terracotta soldier, very convincing I must say

Robo0000100 2366 days ago


AlanzaDemonica 2367 days ago

He said First Emperor of China, Not Japan. There is a difference lol.

HadaVillanueva 2367 days ago

*facepalm* xD

Alan685 2367 days ago


Ristolk 2368 days ago

This emperor actually changed his name so it literally meant "Emperor and divine ruler" I studied ancient china.

ANAneychik 2368 days ago

Very Japanese, it almost hurts my eyes. No, but seriously cool, thanks guys.

Falgorr 2368 days ago

Nice :P

ddungeonmasterz 2368 days ago

nice blade

aqwkillssouls 2368 days ago

Hmmmm... all you need is a beard..and a moustache... make a helmet with a beard and moustache! (and a qin shi huang color custom armor) with a "stoned" cape

Johanan9107 2368 days ago

On the picture: nice, except the armor is not so...yeah. Oh, I got an idea! A color-custom Samurai Armor (the one in the suggestion shop by Redwolf EADS). Even bettah! ^^

Lady_Adella 2368 days ago

gives whole new meaning to "stone cold" doesn't it? I like the blade and Mi-ight consider the Terracotta ;)

Robot_Tweets 2368 days ago

I don't see a difference whatsoever. Cysero is good at disguising himself. =o

ZanaThirteen 2368 days ago

sweet i want sword so much....

Sky_Ever 2368 days ago

...May I asked if who made the weapons that will be in Quibble's shop tomorrow?

Geoshadow 2368 days ago

The stone warriors =-

kinzvlle 2368 days ago


Orphantine 2368 days ago

Lemme guess...When Quibble arrives, these will be in his shop?