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I play guitar in New Found Glory. I have solo songs I call What's Eating Gilbert. Still Straight Edge! Sang in Shai Hulud. I DONT HAVE FACEBOOK!

Bandages bandages bandageeessssss

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2581 days ago

Bandages bandages bandageeessssss


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ParamoreFreakk 2571 days ago

awweee...thyroids suck. i have hypothyroidism. X(

DysenteryPinky 2579 days ago

get better XO

Ariannin 2580 days ago

:( i hope you'll get better soon... You know we are praying for you

marcelabrody 2580 days ago

whoa poor Chad,but get well soon ;)

RianaMayy 2580 days ago

I personally Don't like you. But Even i can't be horrible to you After this(: Get well soon. x

jennielee3 2580 days ago

anddd i'm SO relieved it wasn't cancerous. seriously. :)

jennielee3 2580 days ago

aww chad! get better soon! i'm praying for you!

Andrew_MC7 2580 days ago

Hot Hot Heat... ouch

CindyLouWhoBoo 2580 days ago

When you're all healed, are you gonna get the tat touched up? or will the scar even interfere with it?

TheShowerCiara 2580 days ago

I had to get that done, it's not pleasant. Get well soon, man. You prove bad things happen to nice people. You're an inspiration. Xx

Mah_Castro 2580 days ago

Get well soon. We're praying for you

childofthebad 2580 days ago

Aw Chad you poor thing! Feel better, praying for you. x

HayleyWonline 2580 days ago

Get well soon Chad. We're all praying for you.

pmorefans 2580 days ago

gooosh, it looks so horrible :( get well soon, chad! :)

ParaMCRlover93 2580 days ago

get better soon Chad :)!!! so glad you are okay :)!! love you!

bobbymarc 2580 days ago

get betterrrrrr. remember pain is your friend, it lets you know your still alive.

givingitupagain 2580 days ago

"Don't worry now, don't worry now,
don't worry 'cause it's all under control." :)

Idnam420 2580 days ago

It's going to hurt when you take that off

OneSmilerSuxx 2580 days ago

OH my Crush ! it looks ugly, I hope you feel better soon! =D

Cinthyavico 2580 days ago

I'm glad you went well from surgery, good wishes for your health, great Chad