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Pic of Michael and I at lunch this afternoon. Great kid - he was inspiring!

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2546 days ago

Pic of Michael and I at lunch this afternoon. Great kid - he was inspiring!


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KJones38 2543 days ago

Hello Pierre, Michael is my nephew and I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to make our Lil Man's day. I know that he had an awesome day and never will forget that day. Both of you are an inspriation to all of us in your own

lsutgrgirl 2543 days ago

Thanks alot! His family shared the story with us and said just how awesome your visit was. God Bless

JBLACK21 2545 days ago

Awesome Pierre... That's what's up!

BigHemiSrt 2546 days ago

Thats whats up man! Thanks for everything you've done for our community on and off da field! Speaks volumes of ur character! Now go expose Indys weak run defense! Be Special Finish Stong! Who Dat!

Gballs_lovehour 2546 days ago

Wow that's so cool of you man...just you meeting with him and hanging out will affect his life in a totally positive way...he'll never forget this...you're a good man PT... God bless

GoldCityMike 2546 days ago

That is soo cool of you!!! Thank you for all you do on and off the field.

nosaintinla 2546 days ago

May Michael's lifetime be a long time. I sure his family appreciates you bringing some joy to his life. It's inspiring to see people we admire on the field be someone we can admire off it. Prayers with Michael and his family.

SugarBonamici 2546 days ago

You are to sweet for that.

Choclatkissis 2546 days ago

That is to cute. Michael will remember that moment for a lifetime. They need more good men like u in the world.

neosynk 2546 days ago

Awesome! He'll remember this forever! Thanks for giving back! FINISH STRONG in Miami!

tcluscious 2546 days ago

You're awesome!! Thanks, for sharing!!

ToniR_Publicist 2546 days ago

WOW! That is too cool!! I'm sure Michael had a great time with you!!

TrueDatWhoDat 2546 days ago

Look at the fellow WhoDat'r! Pierre, thank for your committment and dedication. You a changing lives. Bless you (Be Special Finish Strong)

tambam504 2546 days ago

Awwww, I Guaranty you made his day, a moment he'll never forget. Thats really sweet of U.

Britte16 2546 days ago

This is so sweet you are a really great person!

amriley2005 2546 days ago

that is so sweet of you..and it probably ment a lot to the little boy

pure_tweetness 2546 days ago

-you are such a great person on and off the field