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Thanks for the bracelets Ziggy & Molly!

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2008 days ago

Thanks for the bracelets Ziggy & Molly!


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Kudrewatych21r 1632 days ago

defogs Hi take a look at

Chocoway 1632 days ago

Oh tell me how to send something to 30STM, is there a fan address or what?

saskiakarkhoff 1901 days ago

oooh awesome !! ♥

comeagaindin 1936 days ago

cute cute cute cute!!

MAPI18 2007 days ago

Cool & beautiful !!

blemars 2007 days ago

awesome really nice and original!!! i want one of those!!

marslover 2008 days ago

I love them

DottieDame 2008 days ago

Woo Hoo! you guys got them!!! My sister & i are so glad you got them :D Thank you for letting us know ^^

mollymisery 2008 days ago

AHHH! We're so glad they got to you guys, we weren't sure if we got the right address :D

Degonia 2008 days ago

Cute!! Wow

A_BraveNewWorld 2008 days ago

cool!! i want one!

crizzztina 2008 days ago

please girls i want one too!xD cute!

marsfreakk 2008 days ago

omg i want one :D

EchelonPrincess 2008 days ago

OMFG I Want One

kris1823044 2008 days ago

lovely! I want one!

JimeewPANICMARS 2008 days ago

wow!! I love it!! I want one! heheh (:

30stmLUVER 2008 days ago

I SHOULD TOTALY DO THAT!!! heehee wonderful idea!!

JaqueAntoun 2008 days ago

OMG! Those are so beautiful! Great job Ziggy & MOlly! =)

ShelbiNikol 2008 days ago

cute cute!!

mrsfortune 2008 days ago

i got my braclets from ziggy and molly this week....just in time for my birthday...i love them! 2 fab girls love them both!