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A few black powder guns for the Quibble shop coming this Friday.

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1788 days ago

A few black powder guns for the Quibble shop coming this Friday.


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Ristolk 1786 days ago

Yep! Love the look of it :P

ANAneychik 1786 days ago

McShmoopie: Contrary to popular belief they really do.

Trydeth 1786 days ago

Rifle must have. :3 Even if it is made of bamboo. :P

kundimanaqw 1787 days ago


Alan685 1787 days ago

Can AE put Cellphone text upgrade method for Panama? D= I need ACs.

GermainGM 1787 days ago

Much better if the guns or bows here on AQW could be fired.

DrewDudez 1787 days ago

Now if only AQW had a storyline with early modern warfare with muskets and cannons I'd be loving it slightly more. =p

AQWselthion 1787 days ago

Oh nice might get the dragon gun

McShmoopie 1787 days ago

You guys should make a new attack animation for guns, since you seem to love them so much. Guns don't make good hammers. >.

Ropun_TSD 1787 days ago

Oooh, I love guns! More good shopping! :D

The_Unholy18AQW 1787 days ago

:o No matter how cool-looking those are (good job, AE!), I am hoping for some fancy bow and/or armor from Quibble,

AQWSeahawks 1787 days ago


GriefAE 1787 days ago

oh, didn't know that. i knew it was sometime around our new years, just didn't know. :D

Lady_Adella 1787 days ago

*Pop Pop, Whiz Wiz, Oh what fun black powder is!* Monday is the 1st day of Feb.

SoraToHoshi 1787 days ago

Chinese new year is in February.

Frosty_AQW 1787 days ago

Nvm, Chinese makes more sense.

Frosty_AQW 1787 days ago

I think it's just more Japanese stuff.

GriefAE 1787 days ago it the Chinese new year? :o

EmoChicxoxo 1787 days ago

lol, it looks finnne:)

iggy__chan 1787 days ago

WANT for my ap....